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BAFE Approved? Why is it important?

Row Of Fire Extinguishers

Did you know that an extinguisher is not compliant on-site until it has been commissioned by a competent technician, in accordance with BS 5306-3? Companies with third party accreditation such as the BAFE SP101 scheme can give you, the client, assurance that your extinguishers are fully compliant and safe for use.

As a result of recent fire tragedies, the whole question of competency is very much in the spotlight and contractors need to demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to ensure that they are using competent persons and organisations to advise them on fire safety matters.

Howler UK is a BAFE approved company for both fire extinguishers (SP101) and fire alarm systems (SP203-1) and we are more than happy to advise and help you achieve compliance in this important area.

Phone us on 0330 7000 777 or check out our extinguisher ranges here.

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