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Site fire safety for your project

Site fire safety can be very confusing! So we like to ‘roadmap’ the journey through the jungle so you can see your way clearly to compliance. If you just want to talk about a specific project, here’s how it often works…

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Let’s start with a Discovery call

With a set of site plans we can quickly get to grips with what you need. We’ll then pitch options with a range of budgets – so you can select the preferred option for your project and understand the pros & cons of each. Getting the detail right at this stage is extremely valuable and ensures there’s no surprises at a later date.

Time needed: 15mins

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We’ll then provide you with a Survey and demo

Depending on the complexity of the project, a site survey is often recommended to ensure nothing is overlooked and your fire strategy meets all necessary requirements. We’ll also bring demonstration units of the various product options for your review. This is typically scheduled following the discovery call once the basic requirements are understood.

Time needed: 45mins

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Lastly comes Delivery & installation

As soon as the project order is finalised, the operational wheels will start to spin with installation and commissioning typically within 10 working days. Our 48hr service can be requested for projects that simply can’t wait.

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