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Site fire safety can be very confusing! So we like to ‘roadmap’ the journey through the jungle so you can see your way clearly to compliance. If you want to review your overall company approach to site fire safety, here’s how it works…

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Discovery Workshop

Every organisation wants to improve what it does and how it does it; especially in the field of safety. But there’s a big difference between those that actively engage with other experts in the field and those that prefer to stay in the relative comfort of ‘it works why fix it’ bubble. So let’s challenge, discuss and debate with our team of experts – we’re just as keen to learn as you are! This is typically a face to face meeting at your premises.

Time needed: 60mins

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Best Practice Proposal

The result of the Discovery Workshop will be a ‘Best Practice Proposal’ that is tailored to your company needs and designed to deliver consistent, professional fire safety strategy for every project. This will include a guide pricing matrix and the opportunity to negotiate a companywide discount structure. This is typically a video discussion with the Safety & Commercial teams.

Time needed: 30mins

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Promotion and Roll-out

Let us do the heavy lifting. With your direction, we’ll work with your site teams to survey, demonstrate, advise and ultimately deliver assured fire safety compliance to every project.

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