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McLaughlin & Harvey

MaintenancePlus for McLaughlin & Harvey

McLaughlin & Harvey carry out building, civil engineering and facilities management throughout the UK and Ireland. With over 700 employees and multiple sites in progress at any one time, their need for streamlined fire safety processes is clear.

Previously, the company bought from a number of suppliers, not all of which offered between-site storage. Sites used to move equipment between projects themselves, so controlling their image on site was difficult.

Howler UK now provide a centralised supply point for all MCLH projects, including for the Scottish and Irish operating divisions, and use the same equipment on all sites.

MCLH have access to a live asset inventory at all times (using a bespoke website portal), so have a completely transparent asset management system.

Howler UK supply and maintain all their fire safety equipment, storing it safely between projects, and ensuring that all kit is ready on-site when it is needed.

In addition, Howler UK provide recommendations for MCLH from plans and site visits, to ensure they are compliant at all times.

Client Feedback

“The Howler Portal has brought about significant improvements in our control of assets. We now have confidence that we are getting it right when it comes to resourcing our projects with the correct equipment.”

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