Royal Barts Hospital Refurbishment

Project Outline

A ten-year refurbishment project to a hospital founded in 1123, which has experienced additions and rearrangements throughout the intervening 900 years. Amazingly, the hospital stayed fully operational during the refurbishment works.

Project Challenges

As a refurbishment project within a fully functional organisation, any systems had to be kept secure and separate from the main building. This was especially important given the nature of the facility – it was vital to avoid evacuating the whole hospital for a false alarm!

Howler Solutions

Wireless alarms provided a system that could easily be relocated as work progressed. Following comprehensive discussions and risk assessments, Skanska specified key-activated switches on the site alarms so that the main hospital alarm would only be activated for a genuine emergency on-site. As the manufacturer, we were able to customise the system to their requirements.

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