SCS Railways


SafetyHub – Working on HS2

We at Howler UK have been assisting SCS Railways for several years, to help them stay compliant and keeping their sites tidy.

We have been supplying SafetyHubs for the client, which can be tailored to the site’s exact needs and moved between projects for recycling/reusing.

The client is very happy with the durable and reliable products that Howler UK provide and enjoy how easy the products are to use and how tidy they make their site look.

Client Feedback

Testimonial from Ricky Prett, Works Manager at SCS Railways:

“I have used the Howler SafetyHub system for three years, moving it between projects as part of our circle economy for recycling/reusing. The product design and high build quality mean they are very durable.

The system is really easy to set up and you can add or take away any points at any time depending on how you want to use them.

When doing the project inductions, I find it easy to explain how to use the call points in the event of an emergency or first aid incident, as the 2x button functions are simple and easy to explain.

The colour, and size of the SafetyHubs make our site look tidy rather than installing the alarms on the back of hoardings or in a timber made box. They look sleek and are easy to see if you are looking from them when in need.”

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