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JCoP: Fire Safety in Temporary Accommodation Units (TAUs)

Men Walking To Temporary Accommodation

All but the smallest construction sites will have a site office or welfare unit, which are collectively known as TAUs – Temporary Accommodation Units. As they often house electrical equipment and other fire hazards, they require a specific fire risk assessment and a whole section of the HSG 168 ‘Fire Safety on Construction Sites’ document is dedicated to TAUs.

Our downloadable guide takes you through the requirements of HSG 168, so you’ll know what rules there are and what fire safety equipment you’ll need, so you can be sure your site accommodation is as safe as possible.

Points covered include:

  • Location of TAUs
  • What needs to be considered in the Fire Risk Assessment
  • Means of Escape
  • Raising the Alarm
  • Fire-fighting Equipment
  • Staff Instruction & Training


Click here to download our Fire Safety in Temporary Accommodation Units guide

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