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NEW! Howler SafetyHub – A new concept in mobile safety equipment!


Configure your own SafetyHub!

You’re looking to upgrade your site safety, make everything tidy, provide project and safety information important to your team, have a bespoke set-up for a specific site, or even multiple stations for different purposes… in short, you need to create a solution that fits YOUR particular requirements.

The SafetyHub does all this and more. The concept was born out of listening to the needs of our customers over 12ades of experience, hearing their individual requests and frustrations and never being able to find something that was ‘just what they were looking for’. So here is the answer: a mobile trolley that comprises multiple elements that can be selected and combined to provide exactly your individual criteria.

More than just a fire point or call point, the SafetyHub can be anything from a fire extinguisher point to full-on emergency equipment station. Comprising a choice of cabinet or stand (for extinguishers, spill kit or first aid equipment), backboards (for Howler alarms, earplug dispensers, site plans etc) and foldable ‘wings’ (for signage), all compacting down to a neat wheeled unit for speedy transportation. You choose which modules you require and the SafetyHub is built to suit you

With a 5 year guarantee, the SafetyHub is built to last in strong UV stabilised polyethene, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is fully recyclable.

Designed with real sites in mind, the SafetyHub is a bespoke product without the bespoke price tag.

We’re so excited about our latest site safety development that we’ve set up a brand new website dedicated to it: the Howler SafetyHub!

Check out our product page here, then go to our dedicated website to configure YOUR SafetyHub YOUR way!

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