Rapid, Reliable and Simple Detection Deployment

Where automatic detection is required on a construction site the ExtendiPole product is a fast and flexible solution. No access equipment, no fixings, and no wires – simply roll into position and deploy.


When it comes to the positioning of fire safety equipment, it can be a big challenge on some construction sites, right? We know that hard-wired fire alarm detection is the least expensive option initially, however, the cost of cables, cable-routing and repairing cables damaged by well-meaning site personnel works out extremely costly. On the other hand, the more expensive wireless fire alarm detectors, though free of cables, still need fixing to the ceilings, and this is not always an option in listed buildings, on finished surfaces, or where the detector needs relocating as the project progresses. But Howler is here to help!

Enter the Howler ExtendiPole!

Features and specification

  • First developed in response to a client’s needs during 2012-13, our latest upgraded design is the result of over five years of extensive research, on-site testing and product refinement
  • The detector is hard-wired to the Howler ProLink radio-link alarm – combining the best of both wired and wire-free worlds
  • The ProLink control panel can pinpoint which unit has been activated
  • The height of the ExtendiPole is infinitely variable up to 4 metres, giving flexibility of optimal positioning
  • Extension and retraction of the pole is easy and quick, allowing for rapid adjustment and relocation as required
  • The ExtendiPole is air-cushioned to prevent pinch hazards and equipment damage
  • Tough curly cable keeps itself out of the way, preventing damage
  • Detectors are available as either smoke or heat operated
  • The ExtendiPole is available as an option on all SafetyHub FirePosts