SafetyHub Firepost SHR05


Raising the alert quickly in the event of a fire and having the appropriate equipment on hand to deal with it,
remains of utmost importance on every construction site. Be prepared and be proactive! The SafetyHub® FirePost sets the standard for effective site fire safety.

  • ULTRA-TOUGH it stands out and stands up
  • TIDY all the kit is in one neat unit
  • PROTECTED ensures the equipment is always ready
  • COMPATIBLE with all Howler alarm systems

Features and specification

  • Foldable wings in yellow and green for spill procedure and first aider information
  • Red lockable extinguisher cabinet
  • Red signage backboard and statutory fire point signage
  • Additional green backboard with A3 siteplan holder for exit route plan
  • Accommodates 1 x extinguishers and spill kit
  • Compatible with any Howler fire alarm unit