SafetyHub Firepost SHR09


Lithium batteries are lightweight and efficient, making them a favourite for power tools and other site equipment. Unfortunately, they also represent a significant fire hazard, especially when being charged…so managing the risk in the best possible way is critical. The SafetyHub SHR09 can form an essential part of a safe charging zone, providing fighting equipment, signage and detection all in one mobile unit.

  • HIGHLY VISIBLE – with relevant signage/instructions
  • EARLY WARNING – Automatic detection (as part of Prolink alarm system)
  • SPECIFIC – Fire Extinguishers for lithium battery risks
  • ULTRA-TOUGH – it stands out and stands up

Features and specification

  • Designed for designated battery charging areas
  • Lith-ex Fire Extinguisher(s) specifically for lithium battery fires
  • Includes automatic Heat or Smoke detector as part of Prolink alarm system
  • Extendipole Detector suitable for ceilings up to 4m high
  • Extendipole mounting system for detector (no ceiling fixings required)