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The ‘Big Switch’ – Upgrade to the SafetyHub now

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Big Switch?  What’s the deal?

Well, let’s take a step back and just recap on what Safetyhub is all about. Simply put, SafetyHub is fast becoming the ‘best practice’ product for all major building sites. Why? Because it’s putting fire safety firmly on the list as an item that needs to be right, every time

If you’re someone that doesn’t want to cut corners and you really want to put safety first then you’ll ‘get it’. SafetyHub is the only truly mobile, self-contained and highly visible site unit for fire safety (And first aid and spill kit if you want to go for the belt & braces option).   It’s a fire point you can be proud of – not something tucked out the way and thrown in the skip halfway through the job!  A fire point that will clearly show just how seriously your company takes fire safety

Ok, got it.  100%.  But…what does it cost and how do I convince my commercial team to invest in it when we already have good stocks of the old-style fire points? 

Well, that’s Big Switch in a nutshell. We want to make SafetyHub accessible to anyone who may be struggling to re-invest when they already have a stock of traditional units so we’re offering a simple buy-back programme for existing units

Pop your details here and we’ll reach out to discuss the nitty gritty and work to get you on board and move you to the next level of site fire safety

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