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Advantages Of Wireless Fire Alarms

Fire Post On Railing

As a responsible company and organisation, you are obligated to provide effective, reliable and compliant fire safety equipment. This includes a means of giving warning and the most well-known, reliable and widely-used device for doing so is the fire alarm.

Wireless fire alarms are a great solution for construction sites and temporary buildings. Not only will they send out the message loud and clear but their ‘wirelessness’ is highly beneficial. Find out below why you should choose to install wireless fire alarms on your site.

Quick Installation

The reason wireless fire alarms are faster to install is in the name. Wireless fire alarms require no wiring between the control panel and other devices and this makes the whole process faster.

Wireless fire alarms systems such as the GoLink from Howler UK are all radio linked and once a control panel has been installed, all of the GoLink units are easy to connect to the central hub and each other through radio signals.  Every other element of their efficiency and capability is the same but without having to run lengths of cable between units and through partitions at the risk of damaging surfaces on-site. In short; time, labour, and money are saved.


Financially Beneficial

The efficiency of installing wireless fire alarms (for the most part) makes them ‘cheaper’. Since they don’t require cables, time and energy are not consumed from running wires and drilling holes and efforts can be focused elsewhere. The lack of disruption is also apparent when performing tasks and works on-site as there is no risk of hitting hidden/covered wires that would cause downtime and further issues.

Secure and Efficient

Wireless fire alarms communicate with one another quickly and loudly; everything you need for early warning on-site to keep workers safe. The rapid-install quality of wireless fire alarms also guarantees that fire safety measures can be put in place swiftly and any changes can be made to meet the site’s fire risk assessment requirements.

Different construction sites will require varying numbers of units depending on size, layout and workforce but all fire alarms should be reliable and loud enough to get the message across. Wireless alarm systems such as the Site Alert RF have an open-air sound transmission over 1km and with 30 subsidiary units able to connect to one master unit…that’s a sure way to get the emergency message across.


Portable and Reusable

Wireless connectivity gives a lot of freedom for placement. Construction sites are constantly changing as the project develops and wired fire alarms require a lot more effort to extract and move. As your site is modified, wireless fire alarms can be unfixed from the surface and moved to another location. They can even be taken to new sites to watch out for any new dangers.

To make wireless fire alarms even more portable, many models (including those manufactured and supplied by Howler UK) are battery-powered. These alkaline batteries are long-lasting but easy to replace if necessary (units have a built-in low battery warning). Place them on a Howler SafetyHub or mobile FirePost, and you can move them out of the way as the trades progress without any effort.

Stay Fully Compliant

Wireless fire alarms help make staying compliant easier and faster. JCOP dictates the quality of sound required per site (dependent on size and layout) and also that some measure must be in place. Wireless fire alarms can be quickly installed at the early stages of any construction project and easily moved as necessary to make sure your site continues to remain a safe, organised and prepared place to work.

It is the responsibility of the Responsible Person on any construction site or building project to ensure all necessary fire safety measures and are in place and that all equipment is maintained, reliable and suitable for the environment.

At Howler UK, our services make staying compliant and prepared simply. We take fire safety seriously and offer high-quality products to support you on-site. For more information, call our expert team today on +44 (0)330 7000 777 or email [email protected] to find out more

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