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Bellway homes upgrade to Safetyhub®

Project Outline

SafetyHub® is a system of mobile, highly visible and individually contained stations that ensure professional management of health & safety in an ever-changing construction environment.

SafetyHub® cuts through the confusing and messy communication to ensure every person on site is aware of the safety measures in place, helping reduce the risk of an emergency happening. However, if an emergency should occur, the on-site team will know where to go and how to deal with it quickly — whether it be a fire, a workplace injury or a fuel spill — before it gets serious.

What the client had to say…

“Bellway and Howler have collaborated closely and, based on real data, were able to come up with a way to sustainably deliver a significant cost saving on our fire point spend. We have started the rollout on a more environmentally friendly product, are forecasting significant savings and we are improving visual appearance on site.”

And a year down the line, a message from a Site Manager: “the SafetyHubs are so much better than the metal trolleys as they don’t get kicked around or bent up, it also secures the extinguishers so the lads stop setting them off.”

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