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Cromer Estate, London


Cromer Estate, London

Project Outline

The Cromer Estate Cladding Remediation Project began at the beginning of March 2022 and is focused on re-cladding the towers on the Cromer Street Estate in King’s Cross.

Works will include replacing cladding on the 11 tower blocks on Cromer Street with a rendered external wall insulation system and associated adaptations, including alterations to parapet copings, window sills and window returns.

Construction and renovations are expected to take until Q2 2023.

Project Challenges

Replacing cladding on high rises in London is costing billions of pounds and requires a large workforce driven by a dedicated strategy. Cladding remediation projects are often large scale, significant in length and constantly changing, and ALL should have a reliable fire strategy in place.

The 11 tower blocks on Cromer Street are all 6-storeys and over 18 metres in height and contain 256 dwellings (in total). An effective fire warning system is crucial, especially given the scale of the site and the associated risk to life.

The principal contractor required fire safety solutions guaranteed to protect the site, workers and residents in emergencies from the beginning of the remediation project until the end.

Howler Solutions

Howler supplied fire safety solutions that are compliant, simple to use and tough. The Howler ScaffPost are situated on the project’s scaffolding with multiple fire extinguishers and ProLink® fire and first-aid alarms. The ProLink® alert station is easy to spot and straightforward to use. In the case of an emergency, the alarm will be spread quickly around the site across all floors once a button is hit.

The ProLink® fire alarm is also used in corridors and walkways in combination with the SafetyHub® Firepost SHR01.

The site now benefits from fire safety equipment that stands out, can be relocated when and where necessary and activated with a press of a button. The durable nature of Howler fire equipment also ensures it can withstand the elements and work site impact.

Now workers, residents and the future of the remediation project are supported by Howler’s impressive range of high-quality fire safety equipment and reliable fire alarms.

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