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Howler GoLink Interface Unit: Reliable, Simple, Tough AND Versatile!

Fire Alarm Interface Unit

The Howler GoLink evacuation alarm for construction projects has proved itself as a system that is incredibly simple to install and use despite its amazing capacity.

Add the Howler GoLink Interface unit, and you have fantastic versatility.

Linking to turnstiles, CCTV systems, existing alarm systems, autodialers and a host of other devices: that’s just some of the uses for this tough box of tricks, making it welcome on any construction project. Using the Interface unit, activation of any GoLink Alarm can be set to  release turnstiles, activate CCTV or connect to any other relevant system, to ensure your site evacuation is seamlessly integrated.

Because it is fully battery-operated, wirelessly linked and has an IP rated enclosure, the Howler GoLink Interface unit can be mounted where it is most convenient to avoid trailing cables which are in danger of being removed or damaged.

Got a situation where you feel the Howler GoLink System complete with interface unit could provide the answer? Please call us to discuss your challenge and to arrange a demonstration: 0330 7000 777 Or email us on [email protected]

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