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JCoP: Further Sources of Ignition and Fuel 3: Electricity and Gas

Man Working With Electrical Wires

In this article, we give you an overview of HSE’s requirements for the use of electricity and gas on site. Remember, for full guidance, please read the FPA’s JCoP on Fire Prevention on Construction Sites and the HSE guide to Fire Safety in Construction

Electricity & Gas

  • Electrical supply installations, both temporary and permanent, must be installed to BS7671 which includes the use of a skilled technician to carry out the work
  • Portable electrical equipment used on sites should be inspected, tested and be in a satisfactory condition, having the necessary labels to prove this. Further information on this can be found in HSE ref 29.
  • Installations must be inspected every 3 months or when the work has been altered, especially for temporary work. All inspections must be recorded in a specific register.
  • All main switches must be turned off after use apart from those controlling fire protection, security and life safety systems.
  • All gas supplies must be installed by a competent person from a registered gas installer.
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