Keep Your Distance – Easily!

Social Distancing Floor Sticker

We are all finding COVID-19 regulations in our workplace a challenge to implement and uphold.  Maintaining social distancing is a really tricky one to constantly remind each other about, which is why we love these clear-to-read, tough floor stickers that provide all the information and the positioning in one simple application

Wherever you are likely to have a conflux of people, these durable blue floor ‘plaques’ are highly legible and very informative, without over-complicating the message or looking awkwardly official

Ideal for canteens, internal site entrances and thoroughfares, offices, washrooms, lifts and stairways…

Secure your simple social spacing solution for just £89 for a set of 10 floor stickers,  and maintain that vital distancing to keep you, your team and the NHS safe. Quantity discounts are available – please ask.

For more information on how we can support you during the pandemic, call us today on 0330 7000 777 to discuss your requirements.

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