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NEW! Upgraded design: Howler ExtendiPole

Manufactured since 2013 in direct response to a client’s needs, the Howler Adjustable Detector Pole has been extensively site tested, refined and upgraded, culminating in the Howler ExtendiPole.

Easy to use, Easy to move: the ExtendiPole makes automatic fire detection on building sites more user friendly and non-invasive. And because we’ve developed it in close partnership with our clients, you can be assured that it really does what it’s meant to!

Saving you time and money – the NEW Howler ExtendiPole makes adding automatic detection to your GoLink units really simple.

The smoke or heat detector is attached to the FirePost with a height adjustable pole which carries the robust curly wire connecting the detector to the GoLink wireless alarm. So, still no trailing wires, but the convenience of hard wire where it’s needed.

The ExtendiPole is adjustable to 2.3m with an easy to use, tried and tested, clamp system, so detectors can be at the height you need them without any fixings or damage to the building. And, of course, an absolute doddle to relocate as work progresses.

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