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Self-Service Extinguishers – the way ahead!

Rhino Next To Range Of Fire Extinguishers

Now here’s a fantastic idea – a self-service fire extinguisher! At Howler we have a passion for making fire safety simpler, so this cost-saving, hassle-reducing concept really hits the spot.

  • non-corroding composite body
  • 20 year life-span with 10 year guarantee
  • No costly third-party annual inspection bills for 10 years. At the end of this period the unit is factory tested or service-exchanged with a professionally tested unit.
  • No expensive 5-year discharge test, as is mandatory for conventional foam or powder extinguishers
  • new wider range of extinguishants and sizes including F class for kitchen oil risks and smaller sizes for vehicles
  • foam extinguisher approved for live electrical equipment
  • EN3 approved
  • Fully recyclable: the greenest extinguisher on the 03ket!
  • Estimated savings of up to 50% against traditional extinguishers
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