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61-65 Holborn Viaduct, London

Project Outline

61-65 Holborn Viaduct is a 139-foot building with 13 stories designed to house 644 London School of Economics students in the city’s heart. McGee, a specialist engineering contractor, was involved in the development project for urgent student accommodation.

Being a significant project, adequate safety precautions throughout the construction project were an essential aspect for McGee to consider in concern to fire risk. Again, our specialists at Howler had the answer.

Project Challenges

McGee’s significant concern during construction was the high-risk demolition the engineers faced during the enabling work stage. With high construction risk, sourcing safety precautions were of the utmost importance to the clients and our team for a streamlined project.

Another deliberation of the team was the close proximity to other neighbouring properties. Holborn Viaduct is an active area of London’s financial district, meaning dependability, ease of use, and fault monitoring were vital features. Fortunately, Howler’s one-of-a-kind products were precisely what McGee was looking for, supplying the safeguards they needed to keep the entire team and neighbours secure from harm in case of an emergency.

Howler Solution

After evaluating the project and risk, Howler supplied McGee with our effective products, including the ProLink® Wireless Fire Alarm System, SafetyHub Fire Posts and the SafetyHub 1st Aid Post, all essential site features for efficient safeguarding.

Our ProLink® has delivered essential safety provisions where a hard-wired fire alarm system was not appropriate during construction. Supplying our one-of-a-kind product has provided McGee with complete peace of mind and reassurance that they are in a safe working environment. Our specialists have designed the ProLink® with an indicator station in mind for complete system monitoring, providing the utmost protection in daily operations and emergency situations where it is required.

The client wanted a practical product to quickly raise the alarm, along with appropriate fire safety equipment, and our SafetyHub® Fire Posts provide the necessary solution. Its features include an extinguisher cabinet, statutory fire point signage, and a removable A3 site plan holder for exit route plans. Paired with the ProLink® through its radio-linked connection ensures wide-spread alert across the site.

McGee was eager to have a portable smoke and heat detector to move as the project progressed, so we installed our Howler ExtendiPole as an additional feature to the unit, providing automatic, user-friendly and non-invasive detection and rapid deployment.

Workplace accidents are not unheard of, with construction environments being high-risk areas, particularly during enabling work. Our SafetyHub® 1st Aid Posts have been designed to stand out, being visible and easily accessible to access and find in times of need. It has an alarm option for rapid, extra assistance where required. We provided the client with a multi-response kit including first-aid, eyewash, biohazard, burns and a defibrillator, helping to equip crucial first-response equipment in times of need.

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