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Fire Safety Points: Why You Should Have Them On Site

FirePost on HG Construction Site

Construction sites are large and busy places. Ignition risks such as electrical faults, hot works, inappropriate use/location of portable heaters and fuel, smoking and arson are significant contributors to the fires that happen on construction sites every year in the United Kingdom. These fires are responsible for causing damage to property, people and the industry.

All of the above hazards make construction sites dangerous places, as it is impossible to completely eliminate all risks. If an emergency or fire does occur, knowing how to react is crucial in controlling the damage. It’s vital to have accessible resources on-site to help workers prevent or minimise harm to people and property.

Fire safety points are an innovative form of fire safety equipment designed for use on construction sites and in workplaces. Find out below how they can help prevent and reduce damage in your workplace.

What is a fire safety point?

A fire safety point is a mobile piece of fire safety equipment that changes the way workers react and prepare for emergencies.

Fire safety points are robust, mobile units that act as an assembly point or focus point for workers to report to and contain a range of fire safety equipment. They can be fitted with different types of fire equipment, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms and can be adapted to the environment and the risks of the individual workplace. What works for one task or building project might not be relevant for another.

The Howler team has created several types of fire safety points so you can truly get safety equipment that is tailored to your needs.

Types of fire safety points


The SafetyHub is more than just a mobile fire point. It can be a PPE station, First-Aid point, Fire Safety centre, Spill Response hub or Safety Information centre. With its unique design and features, it can be configured exactly how you want it to be, into what you need it to be, wherever you need it.

The SafetyHub is perfect for use on construction sites, in factories, workshops, filling stations, on civil engineering projects, at events and in any busy environment you can think of. This unit is equally at home indoors or outside and will be invaluable for ensuring the safety of everyone on site.

What sets this safety point apart is the utility of its design across all industries and sectors. Choose from a variety of designs within the range to get complete compliance with your workplace needs.

Find out more about this innovative fire safety point on our dedicated SafetyHub site!


The CallPost is the best way to add a more practical and efficient edge to Howler fire alarms. This mounting board is designed to make locating a fire alarm on site quick and simple, creating valuable seconds for workers to react or escape.

The board comes with all necessary fixing holes and fixing bolts so the CallPost can be fitted straight away to provide fire safety from the word go. This easy-fit fire safety point can also be removed after the job is finished and installed just as easily at the next site. As many times as it’s needed.

The mounting board has a set space to add a call point sign or number for easy identification and continuity throughout the construction site.

As all call points must be installed in locations that are easily locatable, this bright and bold mounting post makes it easy to locate the fire alarm call-point at all times.

The CallPost also features all statutory signage such as the Call Point sign and Fire Action notice. Not only does it help employees react to emergencies with clearly 03ked instructions but it helps make workplaces safer places while complying with fire safety regulations.


Howler’s FirePost range is the result of years of research about what does and doesn’t work for fire safety on sites. For that reason, the FirePost isn’t just another ‘trolley’ for carting around on site.

This piece of equipment is a customisable, innovative product with some features never seen before in the fire safety equipment sector.

The FirePost has a ‘modular’ design and you can ‘grow’ the fire point to the size of your choice with the fire safety equipment on board that you require. This offers ultimate flexibility on what equipment is on the point at any time. The FirePost is also manufactured with a strong centre of gravity to maximise the stability of the unit.

The backboards come with laser-cut fixings holes in position for fitting accessories such as Howler alarms and document holders. This speeds up the installation process dramatically.

With security and weather protection, this unit offers unparalleled protection from the outset and is designed to have everything you need for controlling and maintaining fire safety.

Howler Fire Post


When it comes to safety on construction sites, it is important that information is displayed in a place where it will be seen and in a way that will be understood. The SafePost gives you the opportunity to provide the right health and safety information in the right place, at the right time.

The SafePost is designed to be used internally as a free-standing display throughout construction projects. This attention-grabbing signage can be set up the way that you want by linking panels together. The limits of this safety point are the limits of your mind.

Safety equipment such as an ear-plug dispenser, eyewash station, safety glasses cleaner and a spill kit can be mounted on the SafePost. Site Plans can be displayed in clip-frames, and dry-wipe sections provide areas for 03king up current hazards on site.

Alongside ‘PPE required’ sections, workers can easily recognise the risks and be prepared to prevent injuries and accidents while at work.

The practical design features retractable legs and hinged panels. That way the SafePost can be easily dismantled and transported between projects. The anti-scratch signage is designed to withstand full-on construction-site life and ensures that the panels continue to look great after years of service.

Why have fire safety points? 

By having all the fire safety information and equipment required in one accessible location, it is easy for workers to remember exactly where they need to go and what they need to do. Being confident helps workers to react faster and more efficiently to prevent emergencies spreading. These reaction times are a real advantage for stopping fires before they grow beyond control.

Fire safety points also help workers be prepared for the risks present in workplaces. Presenting the steps to take to prevent an emergency or injury in a clear and digestible way will help workers to prepare against risks, whether that’s by using PPE or by recognising fire hazards.

The fire safety points designed by Howler help you comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and ensure your site is compliant and prepared for inspections as well as ready to handle emergencies.

The mobile and easy-installation qualities of the Howler fire safety points means they can be fitted and placed so that the greatest travel distance from any point in the building to the nearest call point does not exceed 30m, as recommended.

With fully customisable fire safety points available you can ensure the premises are always equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment and with fire detectors and alarms.

Staying safe on site with fire safety points

With 30 years of experience, we can help you keep up to date with all of the rules and regulations and ensure that you have the products you need to support safety on site.

For more advice on fire safety points or custom options, get in touch with our team on +44 (0)330 7000 777 or email [email protected].

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