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Riverside Square, Canterbury


Riverside Square, Canterbury

Project Outline

Following extensive planning, procurement and pre-construction input, development of the £115 million mixed-use lifestyle quarter known as Riverside Square is well underway in the heart of Canterbury.

The Riverside Square project is part of a multi-million-pound regeneration scheme bringing new retail, housing, 50,000 foot of commercial space and student accommodation to the city. The project is predominantly leisure-led with a core focus on dining and a large public square. The development will also create 189 new homes, 493 student bedrooms and 220 dedicated undercroft parking spaces.

Riverside Square is a huge urban regeneration project and is on track to be completed in 2023. As such a large and developing construction project, fire safety products such as site fire alarms and fire safety points are essential.

Project Challenges

All large urban development projects come with numerous challenges. As the Riverside Square development involves so many phases, the construction company required fire safety products that were versatile enough to move and grow with the project.

With thousands of feet of coverage and countless tasks happening daily with hundreds of people involved, the client needed to be confident that the fire risk was managed with reliable, fit-for-purpose fire safety products. Howler had the answers.

Howler Solutions

Howler supplied FP03A FirePost with extendipole fire detectors and the top-of-the-range ProLink® fire and first-aid alarm. The FP03A FirePost includes signage, extinguisher brackets and a removable backboard with an A3 site plan holder.

The ProLink® wireless fire alarm system was fitted to FirePost around the construction site. This fire protection system is easy to identify in an emergency, and any alert will spread throughout the site through the ProLink® radio-linked connection. As ProLink® is not hard-wired, the fire safety systems can be moved wherever required easily.

The FirePost and ProLink® site fire alarms were fitted with two fire extinguishers per unit and an ExtendiPole. Where automatic detection is required on work sites, the ExtendiPole is a fast and flexible solution hard-wired to the Howler ProLink® radio-link wireless fire alarm system for rapid response and alert following detection.

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