Brymor Construction

Heliting House

Project Outline

Heliting House was once a three-storey office block, and is now a five-storey residential block with 53 apartments. Brymor converted the building which involved filling in an atrium, moving the two concrete staircases and adding in a new floor within the pitched roof. No small task!

Project Challenges

An incredibly dynamic site where the nature of works meant that access and routes to the floors were changing frequently. Added to this, the building footprint is almost as big as the plot of land it is built on, so space was at a premium for storage of materials and for the provision of site welfare.

Howler Solutions

With Howler alarms mounted on the extremely compact FirePost FP03A, the positioning of call points could be changed easily as the site progressed. The FirePost is compact enough to wheel through a standard doorway, making it a breeze to move around the project in line with the changing escape routes.

Similarly, as the evacuation plan changed, ensuring that an up to date version of the site plan was always on display on the FirePost was simple with the ‘snap-frame’ weatherproof site plan holder.

Most importantly, the wireless alarm operates on a dynamic mesh network, ensuring the devices remained connected and ready for an emergency at all times.

Client Feedback

“The Howler system has been a breath of fresh air and really gives you peace of mind that you have a reliable emergency alarm system on the site. The units look very smart and the master control panel is very straightforward to use. Howler themselves communicate very well as a company and are always on hand to assist. Would highly recommend.”

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